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in for over 2200 yards in college. -- he ran for over 2200 yards in college. if you are going to play for sean payton you have got to catch the ball. >>jim: they spread the ball around. >>tom: they also catch a lot of screens. >>greg: darren sproles had a great year last year. 3:50 to play. 2nd and 8. griffin has nowhere to go. that will bring up a 3rd down. join us next friday night as the raiders play chicago. that will be a challenge next week. here is griffin back on 3rd down. how did that ball get caught? it didn't, it hit the ground. cadet came back in to the game. robinson is tired. >>jim: that was played very well by the defensive line. >>greg: the saints do not have any extra kickers. here is garrett hartley. he is a hero in this town. q ng- overtime may be a possibility. the raiders are a touchdown and a two-point version away from tying the game. -- and a two-point conversion away from tying the game. ç tonight get back home early tomorrow morning. 's -- the good news is when they fly home sunday d.j. hayden will not have too we are the red jersey in a more. the red jersey is the n
on sunday night. they arrested did he sean davis. he was seen walking out of the catholic church with burglary tools. just four days earlier, they arrested transient on suspicion of vandalizing the church. he destroyed $15,000 of property. they don't think the two crimes are related. they plan to add more locks on the windows and set up a surveillance system. >>> a person is scheduled to enter a plea next week. the judge advised him to meet with his lawyer first. he will continue his arraignment next week. he is charged with possessing a firearm. >>> the police in palo alto are hoping social media will help solve some unsolved cases. they're tweeting with -- about the cases in the homes hopes that someone will respond with a tip. >> so, people can see about who we lost in the community. >> police say the tweets have not cracked any cases yet, but the number of tips have increased. tips can be september in anonymously. >> members of people who use google's gmail may think how they use it. they want to have a class action suit against datamining to be dismissed. the findings quote
. >> sean payton was suspended for the season. >> they're going to lose games. >> what in the world is going on? >> a crushing defeat. the season is over. houston is done. [ cheers ] >> over the middle, touchdown! >> touchdown texas. rock and roll. ♪ >> takes it uh to the end zone. touchdown. are you kidding me?
police chief sean whent. >> we have children being shot while they sleep in their bed. >> reporter: thomas's family says he grew up in oakland, but was living in fresno, and was her for his cousin's funeral who was killed last weekend on may avenue. thomas was targeted and it could possibly be connected to his cousin's death. >> that cousin was shot and killed saturday morning on neigh avenue. police arrested kendall eatman. they did so yesterday. it seems the shooting followed a dispute between the two men while they were in separate vehicles. eatman has been in prison before on drug convictions. police say he has denied anything to do with the shooting of rivera. >>> 1-year-old daphne web disappeared a month ago, and has not been found. 8-year-old alishia carradine was shot and killed during a sleepover. today, police chief sean whent faced questions about what is being done to find those responsible? >> do you have any leads? >> we do have leads in some of those cases. some of them promising, some cases more than others. >> today, opd also held the last of the ice cream socials.
. >>> this church was a target of vandalism and break in twice last week. police arrested 27-year-old did he sean davis on suspicion of attempted burglary. he was seen walking out of st. john the baptist catholic church with burglary tools. four days earlier, they arrested a transient on suspicion of vandalizing the church. he destroyed about 15,000 dollars worth of property. they don't think the crimes are related. they're adding more locks on the windows and adding surveillance cameras. >>> they rejected the legal effort to save prop 8. they argued that only the two couples named in the landmark case should be allowed to marry. unless something unforeseen happens, the legal battle of gay marriage is over. >>> they are calling for a boycott of russian vodka. this is one held by a sfole vodka. it was one of a number of actions against anti-gay laws. >> they say it supports the gay community and as has no ties to the government. >>> numbers in at least 27 american cities have launched petitions on move there are two bay area petitions, one in oakland has 900 signatures the one in san jose
for all 364 guests. and now vanity fair is publishing photos for sean parker's wedding. it reportedly cost $10 million and there were a lot of well known guests on hand including twitter founder jack toresi, newsom, sting and metalicca's drummer. >>> sometimes it's the small things that make you a hero. the sacrifice this marine made for the boy behind him. >> plus we'll show you the weather changes on tap for the upcoming weekend. >>> we're going to show you the one group that could actually benefit from it. >>> continuing coverage now with another look at our b.a.r.t. count down clock. it's coming up on three days, one hour to sunday night. that's when b.a.r.t. workers say they'll walk off the job if their unions don't reach an agreement with management. a b.a.r.t. shut down next week will shut down not just commuters but also businesses in san francisco. >> reporter: news of another possible b.a.r.t. strike is giving folks in this restaurant reason to drink. cafe zino is just around the corner from the b.a.r.t. stop in san francisco. >> if this happening again, that will be creatin
bronco's back ups. sean phillips for the 9 yards. denver scores the only touchdown of the game it's 7-3. 49ers add three more turnovers. jenkins makes his only catch of the game. denver recovers, they win 10-6. both defenses look better than two offenses and peyton manning he barely worked up a sweat. >>> and former tampa bay defensive back wright promptly put eric on the disabled list. they could use him. >>> tiger has a bad day at the office and the giants finally look like world series champs again. even if it's just for one day. giants and golf coming up. >>> at at&t park is supposed to be the tenth man for the giants but it has not been doing its job. they were 29-29 at home starting today. then suddenly the ghost of the 2012 world series shows up. is that collin kaepernick? i don't think so. 49,000 fans still show up. brewers pitcher donovan han gets beaten the first. the giants first homer in 12 games. tim lincecum strikes out eight brewers in eight innings, that's good pitching. they go 4-1. >>> what a strange ten days it's been for rosales. waived by the athletics, claimed b
. police arrested desean davis outside the church. police say davis was found walking out of the church with burglary tools. four days earlier, police arrested a transient who vandalized the church. police say that man broke numerous statues, and pots and other items following a fight with his girlfriend. investigators say it doesn't appear the two incidents are related. >>> food truck vendors will line up outside san francisco international, to serve hot dishes to hungry customers. the airport tweeted the news this afternoon. a trial period proved so successful that airport officialsed decided to extend it indefinitely. >>> 2013, turning out to be a pretty good year for california wine makers. u.s. wine exports jumped 6% in value to $712 million. 90% of those exports are from california. the numbers come from the san francisco based wine institute. >>> the daytime highs recorded today, it was kind of cool in some areas. 94 in santa rosa. one of the hot spots. 93 in antioch. daytime highs a little cooler. that fog is pushing in tonight. around the bay, we've got lots of low 60s. inland,
when police arrested did he sean davis. he was seen walking out of st. john the baptist church with burglary tools. police say he destroyed about $15,000 worth of property. police do not think the two crimes are related but the church has stepped up surveillance stadiums and plans to add locks to the windows. >>> two defendants in the high school gang rape case. they'll find out whether they spend the rest of their lives in jail. they found mer sales peter and jose mon taken facing life. two men are in prison and two more are waiting for that are trial. >>> let's check in with tori campbell with breaking news we're following. >>> good morning. coming up in minutes, we have a crew headed to walnut creek where we've learned there was a burglary attempt at the tiffany's store there and we'll tell you who police are searching for. a driver who hit a dublin couple on bicycles it's always because of something he tweeted just before the crash. plus does this look like a lion to you. why they're trying to pass who have this dog as an exotic animal. they're doing a study into human grow
, pleasantries with sean payton. you cannot give it him 10 seconds to pass it. you know what happened? yeah touchdown happens. saints in the first quarter talk about mid-season form. >>> there's raiders quarterback matt flynn he was sacked five times but actually not bad passing. 12 of 16. 225yards. got moore there touchdown. 23-7 at the half. raider reserves trying to make it close. saints quarterback seneca wallis, coughs it up. they did get within 23-20. bottom line 28-20. raiders also 1-1. don't forget baseball, a's with a great chance to move a little closer to the top spot in the west and what is going on with the giants? suddenly, hot 19 hits, two straight wins. show you all about it part two sports, next. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and save an incredible 40% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. >>> as you well know nothing comes easy for the a's and that's just the way they like
. this is basically a bikini bar. >> reporter: with side rooms for private dances, sean describes the place as wild. he says he feared something like this would happen. >> this type business, you know it, the crowd that it brings is a pretty bad crowd. it's just, it's not uncommon. >> we do know that a lot of these establishments are popping up throughout the city. >> reporter: the office of campos is conducting a private investigation. >> it goes back to do we have enough police officers on the streets. >> reporter: of the two surviving victims one had already been released from the hospital. both are expected to recover from their injuries. live in san jose, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news now from just west of yosemite national park where a wildfire has prompted the evacuation of homes and summer camps. the so called rim fire started in the stanislaus national forest. it has now grown to 10,000 acres. it spread across highway 120 which is now closed at smith station between groveland and the entrance to yosemite. 200 senior citizens from the bay area attending a special sess
. sean whent is supposed to talk about this case later today. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> demolition crews are tearing down the house where rirrial castro held -- arariel castro -- ariel castro held three women cast -- captive. one of the victims watching the demolition, michelle knight. she bravely testified against ariel castro in court. once that house is completely torn down, knight wants to build a park there with a garden and a statue of an angel. >>> google did high-tech demolition. now, google removed castro's home from its google map system. searches for the address now show just a blurred box instead of that house. the goal is to reduce the number of people driving by the old home. >>> the trial of the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in fort hood, it goes on today. major nadal hasan is acting as his own lawyer. yesterday, in his opening statement, he told the court, the evidence will clearly show he is the shooter. one of the shooting victims says he has physical as well as emotional scars. >> can't go to crowded places anymore. i don't even
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12